Back to School

The kids are heading back to school this next Monday and we don’t want to miss the chance to pray over them this Sunday and hopefully give them some encouragement as they jump into another year!
You might be able to use some boost for your spirit as well – even if it’s not a new school year you are heading into 🙂 .  The truth is that we all need to be prepared as best we can for what lies ahead.  But here’s the struggle….we don’t know exactly what is just around the corner.  We might think we know what’s coming, but we really don’t often control what might happen even tomorrow.
So how do we prepare for the unknown?  First, preparation does not come in knowing the future.  And second, it must be more about my personal readiness and not about cleverly knowing how to respond to life’s situations.  The Bible gives a short, but really important, list.
This Sunday we’ll talk about it for a few minutes and have fun creating some visual reminders for ourselves – kids included!  Look forward to seeing you if you are able to join us.

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