Celebrating with a Lamb

More appropriate than a colorful egg or a soft bunny, the Lamb is a symbol of Easter that can be embraced.  Symbols are simply reminders of something more significant or real, so I wouldn’t want to place too much importance on any of them, but they do have purpose.  Throughout the Bible, God uses symbols and traditions and word pictures to teach us and to remind us of what is important.
In our house, we decorate with many symbols (often very colorful 🙂 ) and we enjoy being surrounded with these small reminders of what is happening on a grander scale.  But one tradition that is newer to us since coming to live here in Czech is the Beranek, a cake in the shape of a lamb.  You could say that most people have it out of tradition and not as a reminder of what God has done through his son, Jesus.  And that might be true.  But I personally like the tradition.  The Lamb of God was given to us.  We are to take him, fully receive this gift.  Let this Lamb become our Bread of Life.
This Sunday, EASTER, we will be having a special celebration of just that – The Lamb was given and God has made a way to set us free.  We won’t be meeting at the normal time or place though, so ATTENTION: we will gather at the Sykorovi cottage this Sunday, April 20th.  Be there by 10:30am so that we can start into the program.  It will include lunch.  If you need directions or more details, write to: brnocf(at)gmail.com.

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