Decisions that benefit more than me

We’re into a time of the year that is called Lent.  It’s a part of Christian historical tradition, and it has to do with preparing ourselves for the coming celebration of Jesus’ death and resurrection.  The tradition itself isn’t bad (although I wonder how many are brought nearer to the Lord by observing it), but it also seems to be lacking a very important dimension.  You see, Lent is a time to fast, to give up something – food, sweets, meat, movies, coffee, or whatever – in order to help us be more concentrated on Jesus and on our own spiritual need.  Not a bad idea, but what is missing here is the need of others all around us.
Rather than just concentrate on ourselves this Lent season, let’s prepare for Easter in the way that Jesus did.  He gave up the comfort of his heavenly home so that we, who are in desperate need and unable to help ourselves, could receive a gift.  His willingness to put aside comfort allowed us the chance to receive life and hope.
One way that we are encouraging people to consider doing that is by visiting the website of :58 ( and get involved in a cause to help others in need.  Look through their site and make sure to watch the video they have on the homepage entitled, “Not Always With Us.”  Then go to the tab Take Action and get involved.  Make this a time of year for you to make choices that honor God and touch the world beyond yourself.  So thankful that Jesus chose just that!

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