Foolish? An obstacle? Or… it something else??

Jesus is a pretty amazing person…..if you ask some people.  Others have different opinions of him.
Some think it’s pretty silly to believe that a God who created everything would send his son to take the form of a person, live 30 some years here on earth, and then die, even if he did rise from the dead a few days later.
Others find the idea of a god coming to earth and dieing to be pretty un-believable. How could one who is all-powerful die? And if he can’t keep himself alive, how is he supposed to help us? And even if they put that aside for a moment, they want to see something powerful and convincing now to be sure this Jesus thing works. They are looking for the fantastic, unmistakable, amazing event that will clear up the questions – and, quite frankly, there don’t seem to be enough.
Then there are those who find wisdom is what seems to be silly, and total transformation in what looks to lack power.
3 groups.  3 responses to the person of Jesus.  True today, and was similar for the people of Corinth a couple thousand years ago.
Come on Sunday and join the discussion as we think through what was / is happening when Jesus becomes the topic.

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