Jesus came to do what?!?

jesus-merry-josephThe wonderful celebration during Advent can include many, many things. Parties, decorations, music, markets, food. And while all of that is fun and festive, there is the chance that we might forget how Jesus came and what he came to do.
Rather than coming with a lot of pomp and regal celebration for a king, Jesus was born in obscurity and in poverty. Had it not be for angel’s announcing his birth to some shepherds or a special star that God placed in the sky leading up to his birth, the people of his day might never have known.
The special coming of Jesus, the Messiah (Savior), had been prophecied about hundreds of years before, but perhaps the wait had been so long or the arrival so different that most people missed it altogether. With his birth, however, the message begins. From the beginning we see what he came to bring. Love, Hope, Peace and Joy are not just words to put up in your home or see written on cards or candles. They truly are the message – they are what Jesus came to give.
During Advent, we have the chance to ask ourselves: “Have I received them? Have I received Jesus and what he came to do?” If not, the time is right now. Don’t celebrate Christmas and miss the reason for Christ.

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