Let the Learning begin! (and all the parents cheer for school :)

School starts up for the kids this next week.  And most (my polls are very limited) seem to be looking forward to it.  That might wear off once the assignments start coming in, but for now it’s a great time of getting ready and being excited to see friends.
This Sunday we will take time to pray for our kids heading back to school.  For those of us beyond that stage of life, we can remember that those aren’t always the easiest of years.  What a relief that we can trust God to watch over them and care for them when they walk into their classes.
And what a comfort to know that He is with us in all situations as well.  Whether at work or home or running errands in town, we can rely on his help and guidance.  Let’s help each other grow in deeper awareness of that truth.
“In all your ways acknowledge him, and he will make your paths straight.”

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