Do you like to see the seasons change?

The autumn season is nearly here and with it will come the typical changes that we see in Brno – the days will get shorter, the temperatures will cool, and the leaves on the trees will begin to change color.  Students are back in school.  We begin to spend more time inside as the season moves on.  And after a while, we’ll start to look ahead to the next season as well.
We don’t get to choose IF the seasons will change, only whether we like it or not and what we will do in these times.  It’s interesting to me that as God was setting up this world He choose to design it this way.  Why not just one, really nice season that always sticks around?  Why 4 distinctly different times of year (at least that’s how it is in our area of the world) that create a cycle of sorts?  Is there purpose even in the changes, the cycle?
Look around and see if you might notice or learn something in these times that is useful for your life too.  Maybe you’ll be able to see something new about God or about His plans in these times.  For all the advancements we make in technology and knowledge, these seasons carry on – oblivious to us it would seem.
We look forward to our times together on Sunday and during the week.  We’ll continue to learn through the Bible and through each other.  May God help us to grab hold of each moment we live in!

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