Livin’ in a fog

2014 gets its start here in Brno in the midst of a long season of clouds and fog.  Every once in a while the sun breaks through, but before too long the fog has returned.  No snow. Not so much rain.  Just cold, damp fog.
I feel that way sometimes.  The warm and bright moments seem a little lacking and the view on the horizon is lost.  There’s not much excitement in getting up in the morning.  It doesn’t seem like a time to do much of anything.  We tend to stay in more and communicate with others less.  Movie watching goes up and get togethers get fewer and farer between.
If it’s just the weather, then there will come a day (I’m hoping it’s soon!) when that will change.  But perhaps this feeling has less to do with the outside climate and more to do with internal struggles.  Let me just encourage us all – whether we feel great or not – do the things we know are good to do.  You’re smart.  Do what you know you should.  Put yourself in a setting where you will get the input into your life that you are not finding otherwise right now.
I look forward to seeing some of you in Brno soon.  I know that I need that.

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