Living for God – here and now

We are getting close to finishing up our study through the book of 1 Corinthians (finally 🙂 ), and one of the common themes through this letter is Paul’s guidance on how to bring the true and good plan of God into play in our daily lives.

It’s not hard to recognize that there are many other people and things trying to take our attention and our hearts.  There are differing, often conflicting, goals among them too.  And this is the world we were born into and have grown up in.

So, what do we do?  How do we recognize the right and good way in the midst of so many competing ideas and paths?

The church in Corinth joins us in trying to figure that out.  Most often their mistakes were not an outright rejection of God’s plan, but a confused diversion off of the pure path.  They sought to find common ground with the culture around them at times, and tried to deny themselves of all connection with the world at others.  The focus on what to do or not do, what was ok and what wasn’t, however, left them often missing the heart of the matter.

Paul’s guidance is down-to-earth practical, but always focuses them back to the “heart of the matter”.  Not just the outward act, but the heart and thinking that took them to that decision.  As I prayed for our city of Brno today, I asked God to take people deeper than the surface, to help them consider the deeper heart of what they do.  I asked God to help me in that too.  May we live to seek God below the surface – to find him touching and guiding our deep thoughts, our hearts.

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