Living in a land not our own

We’re going to be looking at a character in the Bible named Daniel over the next few weeks.  He was a God-fearing Jew who was taken from his homeland as a young man and put into a new setting – a new country, a new language, a new culture – and one that did not believe or respect the God Daniel followed.  And while that might not be our personal experience (and I hope it’s not), I think there might be parts of his story that we will identify with and can learn from.
What is it like to be surrounded by people who do not value or believe as we do?  What should our response be when we are asked to do things that seem out of line with what God wants from us?  How do we interact with others whose culture and history have led them in a different direction and they want us to conform to their patterns of life?
I hope you’ll be able to join us on Sundays as we discuss these things and look for good answers from the Bible and from Daniel’s life.

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