More than chocolate and eggs!

On April 1, we will be celebrating a day like no other.  It’s a Sunday and it that comes after a week like none other in our year.  It’s Easter Sunday – the celebration of Jesus’ resurrection – and it completes a week of unimaginable pain and suffering and, ultimately, death.

That all happened nearly 2,000 years ago, but the world has never been the same.  Jesus healed relationships and forgave sins and, oh yeah, defeated death.  Now we have the chance to not only remember what He did, but to experience that for ourselves – here and now.  Need healing from brokenness?  Need forgiveness from sin?  Need some hope and victory?  Jesus is calling each of us – you included – to come to him.  He wants to do that for us.

Come on April 1st, 17:00.  Not to a building or to a church, but to Jesus.  That’s what we’ll be doing together at that time.  You’re invited….

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