Not just a weekend thing!

There’s been a new tab added to the list on the right.  It called: “During the week“.  You see, we love to get together on Sundays.  It’s a wonderful time to worship, learn, celebrate….BUT it’s definitely not the only time we get together to grow in our spiritual walk!  Throughout the week there are opportunities for you to interact with people, with faith, with the Bible, in smaller settings.  If you haven’t yet, try one!
This week there is a new small group study starting.  Tuesday evenings at the Blake’s house (not to far from the center of town).  This one will be in both Czech and English.  We’ll be looking at what it is that Jesus offers – to the world and to us.  It starts at 6:30pm and, if you need it, there is childcare as well.  Interested? Contact Matthew Blake ( or just come to join in.  No prior knowledge or belief is needed.  This will be a group that’s learning together.
There are others too.  Find one that fits for you.  Join in.

Also just need to say that the Harvest Party was wonderful!  Fun to see so many come and so many join in to make it possible.  AND we thank the Lord for the beautiful day!

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