OFF-SITE for an evening!

We love to get together on Sunday evening each week.  The time of sharing, learning, and laughing is rich.  BUT, for the second time this Fall, we are going Off-Site!  So here’s what is happening this coming Sunday, October 21st…
Instead of coming all together in our normal venue at the Majak center in Lesna, we will be getting together in 3 homes around town.  You decide: choose the one closest to you, or the one your friends are going to, or where you think you’ll get the best coffee… it doesn’t matter.  They are all open to anyone.
We’ll be a little less formal (if that’s possible!), but we’ll have the chance to interact more in a relaxed setting.  So, bring your Bible, yourself, and even invite a friend.  It will be a fun evening and the Jesus-focus to our time will make it worth coming!
If you’d like to join in but don’t receive our emails, send us a short request for the details to: brnocf (at)
(The following Sunday we’ll be back in Lesna – regular time, regular place!)

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