Sunday Teaching

It’s October! And we are studying the fruit of the Spirit called SELF-CONTROL. We will learn about what that is – how God gives us power to make controlled, good decisions in times when we are tempted to do something much different. Come study and learn with us….we are all on a journey of growing in these “fruit”.

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During the week

We want to invite you to join a Bible study in a smaller group too!

There are groups open for you to join now. Look them over and find one that works for you.

In our spiritual growth, these times of interacting over the Word of God are key. We were made to do this stuff together, so please know that we are always welcoming new people.

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Kids service

We love your kids and every Sunday we have a special program just for them.

They will learn about God, about how they can follow Him, and get to know His wonderful plan for their lives.

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Bye bye summer

On the 1st of October we will have a bonfire at Majak. We will start the fire around 5 PM and will continue till it gets real cold (usually around 8-9PM). We will have sausages (spekacky) with ketchup and mustard – you do not need to bring any. If you have any extra time, bring

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The Whole Gospel…

When Jesus was here on earth and sent his disciples out to share the “Good News”, what did he have in mind?  What is this “Gospel” that God offers to the world?  ….  And what is it in it’s fullness – without reducing it to a list or a proposition or a few steps of

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Being a part of the story

I mentioned this past Sunday that I would post the links to those people and groups we’ve “heard” from the past few months.  As we have looked into this idea of living out our faith, love, and hope, we’ve taken time to hear the stories of those who are actively involved in just that.  At

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Faith, Love, and Hope

We’re in the midst of a series…  here’s a little intro to what we’ve been looking at… In his first letter to the Thessalonians, Paul writes to them that “we continually remember before our God and Father your work produced by faith, you labor prompted by love, and your endurance inspired by hope in our

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