The Point

I suppose there are many things in life that we just do, maybe out of habit or maybe because someone told us we need to, but have you thought much about the things you give your time to lately?  I wouldn’t recommend that we must do this kind of personal evaluation on a daily, or even weekly, basis, but I would suggest that we need to pause at times in our life and ask the question… What’s the point of this?
Even the good stuff we are involved in needs this kind of thinking from time to time.  At least twice a year the leadership here at BICF sits down together to plan and to consider some of the bigger questions.  And, although we might phrase it differently in our meetings, this is one question that remains before us.
When we met recently, we reviewed our stated purpose for the fellowship and we noticed something was missing.  What is written there (under the About Us tab) is true, but it’s not complete.  We like what we do together and the relationships that we build with one another. BUT there needs to be a “so that…” added to it.  As we seek to follow Christ together, we don’t do it simply for ourselves.  We are not completely following Jesus until we are reaching beyond ourselves.
Many of you who come are actively doing that personally – and that’s awesome!!  We love to pray and celebrate those things together.  As a fellowship we do that periodically.  As a fellowship of Christ followers we need to be a little more intentional though.  So…we will seek to complete the good work we do together by adding the “so that…”
So that, we can better serve the needs of people around us.
So that, we are equipped to share the light of Christ more effectively.
So that, people who don’t know Jesus are getting to know the grace, hope, and life He offers.

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