Praying for peace

Psalm 103:6 says, “The Lord works righteousness and justice for all the oppressed.”
Sometimes, however, we are prone to wonder when or if that is going to happen.  We see our world and the turmoil throughout it.  We try to understand why and, at times, we begin to point fingers of blame.  We are frustrated and tired of endless (seemingly hopeless) struggles.  Some are far away geographically; others are closer; but all have an impact on us.
And we want to see things change.  We call out to God in prayer and plead with Him to intervene and do something about this mess.  And yet the days and months of war and plague continue.  People suffer in ways we cannot imagine.
Then we read verses like Psalm 103:6.  And I’ll admit, I’m not always sure what to do with it.  I believe the Bible is true.  I know God is alive and active in our world today.  I understand that he brings good from horrible situations, not by avoiding them or by saving people from them, but by carrying people through them.  But still I wonder – is it all necessary?  Could he save the world from this destructive cycle?  Doesn’t he want to protect the oppressed?
I think the answer is Yes.  The mess in our world is not his doing.  We, as humanity, have chosen this course when we rejected God.  And yet God has not abandoned us.  He meets with the hurting and cares for the broken-hearted.  He love is never failing – it won’t run out.  And, although he’s not a dictator who will force his will on us, he does desire to meet and guide and mend our lives…if we’ll accept his grace and receive his invitation to follow him once again as God and Lord.
There is no place else to turn – not that will make a difference.  The problems in the world are too big for us.  They are God-sized.  And so we need to trust that God is working in the big and the small: working righteousness and justice for those who cannot help themselves.
And in some sense, we are all in that place of need.
Today I am praying for the peace that only God can give.  Will you join me?

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