Ready to Celebrate?!

More meaningful than any other weekend of the year, it is Easter that is the game changer in world history.  In the beginning God created a wonderful world, full of beauty and staged for an amazing relationship that God would enjoy with us and we would humbly enjoy with Him.  But into that goodness came a selfish decision, a disregard for the plan of God, and then brokenness.  The mess that followed needed help in a bad way.
There are many ways that we, as humans, try to improve our situation and even the world situation, but there is really only One who is able to put things back into their proper order, into the order they were originally designed for.  That One is Jesus.
Friday of this week is when we pause to recall the great sacrifice it took to right the wrong that had been done.  Jesus was willing, motivated out of love and humility.
Sunday is Victory Day – the day when death was conquered and new life rose up!
Come celebrate with us this Sunday.  It was on Easter that Jesus changed the history of this world.  May it be the day He forever changes the history of your world too.

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