Did you receive the call?

We are beginning to study through a letter in the Bible.  It was written by a guy named Paul to a group of believers in the city of Corinth.  You might be interested.  Even though this particular letter was written some 2,000 years ago, the thoughts and key truths of the letter could still have an impact in your life, in my life, today.
One of those “keys” is repeated a few times in the first paragraphs of the letter.  Paul says that he got a call from God that told him to do what he was doing.  He mentioned that God was calling those who had been changed by their relationship with God to live a different life, one devoted to God in all areas.  And then he points out the way those in the group got to be a part of the group – God had called them into fellowship with his Son Jesus Christ, and they responded to that call.
The fact that God was calling to people at that time has not changed over the years.  He is still calling people, offering them the chance to be radically changed, if they will step into fellowship with his Son Jesus.
The rest of this letter Paul wrote is him helping them know what that means in their lives here on this planet.  But at the beginning he points out the foundation – you have gotten a call from God with an amazing offer.  So, before we move on, did you receive the call?  And if you have taken time to listen to what God is saying, how did you respond?
I invite you to come study with us and learn from what Paul wrote to this group.  But far more important is the invitation from God’s call to you.
If you’d like to talk more about that, find me on Sunday at the Majak Center (5pm), or jot me an email (brnocf@gmail.com).

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