Replacing Idols

In life we have many people that we admire and celebrate and, perhaps, even try to emulate.  We might even use the word “idol” to talk about them.  It could be a movie actor, a singer, an athlete, or someone who is at the top of their profession.  But the meaning of the word “idol” actually carries more depth to it than how we often use it.
In a spiritual context or conversation, an idol is something or someone that we look to in order to meet our needs or satisfy our desires INSTEAD of GOD.  It really doesn’t matter what that “it” is.  An idol has more to do with the function of that person or thing in our life, being something that we think we cannot live without or that we believe would be the answer to our needs.  Actually, an idol is often something good in our life – but it has become too important and now is taking the place of an area that should be reserved for God and God alone.
And here’s the key for us to remember if we are going to be able to break from that kind of idol worship….Idols cannot be removed, they can only be replaced.  Over these next couple months (in the midst of many other summer activities 🙂 ), we are going to look closer at what idols are common in our world now and discuss the replacement that needs to happen.
This might not be a struggle for you….but then again, you might find some of these idols closer to your heart than you think.  Come on Sundays and we’ll work on it together.

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