The holidays are getting closer and, sometimes, the pace of life seems to pick up, the calendar fills up, and we are busier than usual.  Oh, we look forward to the festivities, but often those festivities do not include rest.  We “go” more than ever.
So it’s interesting to consider what God’s plan was when He was putting holidays and festivals and feasts on the calendar.  It might even strike you as interesting to know that God planned and wanted His people to celebrate throughout the year, but that is exactly what He did…..what He does…..and still what He wants.
But why?  And how?  Those are some key questions we’ll be asking these next weeks as we look into the Big 3 Feasts (some lasted a whole week!) that God scheduled in for His people.  Hope you’re able to join us.  More than a historical study alone, I think it might just give us some good understanding of how our holidays could be even better.

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