Taking it outside! To the chata!!

This weekend, July 14th, we will be gathering for the last time before our summer break….and it’s going to be a great time of fun, sharing in some learning from the Bible, and enjoying the chance to be with others — and we’ll be doing it OUTSIDE…. and Jakub and Melissa’s cottage area in Bilovice!  If you haven’t been out there before, make plans to join us.  If you need directions, contact us here at brnocf@gmail.com, and we’ll get you the needed info.  Our time of sharing will start at 5pm, but they have invited people to come anytime after 2pm and have fun hanging out together.
After that Sunday, we’ll be taking a break over the summer months from our regular Sunday evening gatherings.  If you’d like to connect with a mid-week group, contact us at the above email.  We’ll come back together on Sunday again on August 25th.

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