Time to celebrate the birth!

This Sunday evening we will be having a special Christmas celebration service.  Come and join in the music and fun!  It’s a little early, but we know there are many who will already be heading out of town by the next weekend, so we will make this week our special night.
We will sing!  We will hear the story of how Jesus came to this world as a baby!  We will consider the JOY that brings!  We will sing some more! 🙂  We will watch as the kids share a special program with us!  We will have a time of candlelight!  And we will sing!  (if you’re not so fond of singing, come to hear the wonderful voices of those around you 🙂
We hope to see you Sunday.  And to be able to celebrate the life of the newborn baby Jesus and the life of the risen Jesus in us!

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