What’s up with that?!

In the letter of First John, the author (John) is repeatedly using the phrase “in Him”. Not just a few times….he says it over and over and over.  No matter what subject he’s addressing throughout the letter, he’s putting in this phrase. Sometimes to identify who the people are and other times to show how they can improve their situation. Its pervasive use definitely catches our attention as we read through the letter.
SO, in our closing study of the letter this weekend, we’ll be looking at this key phrase and the impact that it can have on our lives if we get it right.  How do we get to be “in Him”?  How do we live life there?  What’s the meaning of that?  And is it really all that important?
Join our study this Sunday and we’ll discover some things together.  This certainly won’t be a time for anyone to monologue…we’ll work this out as a group.  Can’t wait to see you then!

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