It’s that wonderful Advent time of year!!

This Sunday begins the time we call Advent.  The four weeks prior to Christmas are a special time to think about and prepare ourselves for the celebration of Jesus’ birth.  We light candles, sing special songs, decorate our homes, eat and drink things reserved for this time of year, and we anticipate…  just like God’s people did so long ago as they longed to see the savior come.
We enjoy the Christmas season of celebrations, and yet, without the meaning of God sending His Son, Jesus, to our world as a baby, all those festivities in stores and markets around town are suddenly less meaningful, only temporal moments of people trying to feel good.  But if we hold to the foundation of faith – that a loving God cared so much about His creation that He would send Jesus to come, live among us, and ultimately give his life to redeem and restore us – then these Advent festivities have profound depth and beauty.
We hope that our participation in the fun this Christmas season will draw us closer into the heart of God, and not distract us from the historical and eternal work that happened when Jesus was born.  The time of Advent is designed to help us not lose track.  I hope that we can help each other in that too!  We look forward to seeing you these next weeks as we anticipate and celebrate!

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