“I write this to you so that you will…”

So does the letter written from one of Jesus’ followers to a struggling group of believers almost 2000 years ago have any meaning for us today?  When he says, “I write this to you so that you will….”, does that mean the message he wrote holds the same potential impact for me?  I actually think it might.  John says that twice in the letter of 1 John.  So we’ll look at it, see if what he shared with his friends might be able to help us with our lives today.  We’ll find the struggles in life haven’t changed all that much.  And we’ll discuss if the help he wrote about still works.  Hope to see you Sunday!
And I must add, that the time of studying and interacting this past Sunday was fantastic!  What a great group of people to get together with and dive into the Bible with.  Love the way God speaks through us all to the benefit of the group’s learning.  Thanks to all of you who came!!
Don’t forget….come for the worship, the learning, the time of communion, AND STAY for the good taste of fellowship following!  See you Sunday!!

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